Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kill The WHOLE Budget Where to Go From Here Organizing Meeting

Friday March 18 6pm
Phoenix Coop 636 Langdon St.
Madison, WI

Walker has pulled the trigger and essentially decimated public sector unions in Wisconsin. Labor and the Democrats have successfully pushed for a large scale effort to recall republican senators and Walker. They are also calling for vast resources to be put in to electoral tactics namely in electing Kloppenburg and then other Democrats. Although these measures are no doubt necessary and perhaps even effective to a measure, these... are not ordinary times and they call for extraordinary measures because they are now more possible now than they have been for a very long time.

We support measures for recall efforts however we are mindful of the impact it will have on the momentum of this working class movement that has reached levels just a five weeks ago not believed possible. That is why we support and are building an organization of working class rank and file and community members that believe solidarity and organizing in the work place and in the community. We believe this technique has more potential to make the changes that can be long lasting and benefit working class and unemployed folks in society.

Join us to discuss how to achieve this goal Friday March 18 at 6pm at the Phoenix Coop, 636 Langdon St. Madison WI.


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