Monday, February 21, 2011

South Central Federation of Labor passes motion to oppose all cuts

Tonight at the SCFL meeting we passed three motions. One was to endorse the idea of a national statewide strike. An amendment added to this motion added that the organization would create an ad hoc committee to look into what to do and to provide education on this issue.

The second one put SCLF on record for opposing the entire "budget repair" bill including pay and benefit cuts (as well as attacks on collective bargaining) but also any cuts that hurt workers such as cuts to medical assistance and attacks like politicalization of government agencies.

The third motion was unrelated to all this. It was a motion against a planned charter school for male African American children. We refrained from commenting on the efficacy of such a school but objected on the grounds that the charter school was to be nonunion.

I announced the formation of this group and there was much applause (esp when I told them what our name was).


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